Frank Medrano EQualizer XXL
Frank Medrano EQualizer XXL
Frank Medrano EQualizer XXL
Frank Medrano EQualizer XXL
Frank Medrano EQualizer XXL

Frank Medrano EQualizer XXL

Product Information

The most versatile exercise package on the market (and the tallest and widest EQualizer ever!)

  • Over 100 body-weight strength exercises for the beginner to the advanced.
  • Full Body Workout - This extra, extra tall EQ is ideal for those 1,85 m and taller. This high-quality functional fitness dip stand station with stabilizing challenger bars is perfect for full body bodyweight resistance exercises such as dips, push and pull ups, L-sits, knee and leg raises, stretches and more.

The most stable bars without sacrificing the benefits of instability

  • Package includes Two (2) EQualizer XXL bars with durable foam handles
  • Wide feet to height ratio make the EQualizers stable enough for the toughest of workouts and Boot Camps.
  • Each iron bar features a durable solid foam grip and supports up to 400 pounds
  • Separate bars are a critical design element…instability provides the necessary bio-feedback to let you know if you are doing the exercise correctly – you DON’T put training wheels on a balance ball!
  • Dimensions: 84 cm H x 69 cm W.
  • Each bar weighs 4 kg.




  • 50% off the list price of $79 USD for his Super Human Beginner program – your price is just $40! This Beginners workout program can help you improve your physique and fitness levels into more advanced movements.
  • 15% off your first order of FUNCTION Supplements – the supplement line designed and used by Frank Medrano
  • FREE download of No Gym, No Problem instructional exercise video (value - € 24.95)
  • FREE access to ongoing support and coaching through the private Lebert Fitness Health and Wellness Group (value - priceless!)


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